Miss a person's flavour
Do you know? Miss a person's flavour
Just as the atrium is covered with and declined grasses, the ones that gurgle are quiver and loud
Your name reverberates
Do you know? Miss a person's flavour
Always sit dully before the electric energy, is facing toward the screen and stare flankly
In the brain but where are you that misses at this moment? What is done?
Whether to sense too this share is thought of and longed for
Whether know the knowing spirit because there is magic horn too. Do you know that follow a person's flavour
Put down all of your arrogance to dry and dance
The silent one appreciates you to see him. This is your happiness
Uneasy /Do you know that follow a person's flavour
Abandon and open all of your achievement and go with him far.
Even there is courage strangely
Do you know that follow a person's flavour
One fixes one's eyes on one for a smile to kiss lightly
Do you know? Miss a person's flavour
Long for him obviously, but must pretend to be calm
The smiling slightly of him, touch your chord
Have language clearly, seem full to float perfume to fly to jasmine while being empty
Do not hope to be as long as the heaven and earth endure, just cast a look at him, like having it all one's life .........
I am in order to miss him .............

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What kind of cup drink ink to be healthiest

What kind of cup drink ink to be healthiest

It should be a glass to drink water cup first-selectedly. Don't think the glass is penetrating and goodlooking, in the cup of all materials, but the glass is the healthiest.

The chemical material of the containing machine during the process of firing of the glass, when people drank water or other drinks with the glass, needn't afraid the chemical material will be drunk into belly, and the glass surface is smooth, apt to wash, bacterium and dirt are difficult to multiply in the cup wall, so people drink water with the glass is most healthily, the safest.

In addition, the expert recommends using the enamel cup too, because the enamel cup is melted, made through the keeping out at high temperature of thousands of degrees, non- leaded harmful substance, can rest assured to use.

And the plastics are often supplemented with plasticizer, among them contain some poisonous chemical materials, while putting the hot water or boiled water with the plastic cup, the poisonous chemical material is very apt to dilute in water, and the plastic internal micro structure has many holes, among them the filth is being hidden, it will be apt not to wash bacteria netly to multiply. So, the expert reminds, while choosing the plastic cup, must choose to accord with eating water cup made of one grade of plastics of national standard.

The varicoloured ceramic cup is likable, can hide the enormous hidden danger in those bright-colored pigment in fact, especially the inboard wall has glazes to scribble, when the cup is put into the boiled water or sour, alkaline beverage on the high side, poisonous heavy metallic elements such as the lead in the pigment,etc. are apt to dissolve in the liquid, people drink into the liquid with chemical material, will cause danger to the human body.

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Revlon (six)


Wen XingYi remains silent, seems to be comparing the difference between Bei Bei and me, has drawn my one supercilious look. The sleeves that I drew him are said: "Actually there are many kinds of love, reasons were all the same. " Wen XingYi's perfunctory nodding, asked: "Then you like on earth, no, have persons that you love? " I say helplessly: "No. " I have looked at Wen XingYi who is good of the mood, asked: "Do you love the form young lady? " Wen XingYi's expression is dark, do not speak. I say again: "Walk ease eldest brother, I think you more and form Miss on intimate terms fine. " Wen XingYi says: "You think muchly, whether have anything else? " I am sorry say: "I think, like so good like you person, should live a life more happily in fact. " The ease too profound to be understood of walking warmly, say: "You think I am the good person, why pair has avoided my appearance like snakes and scorpions when then you have just been here? "

I know, he is certain to ask this question. How to say, tell the truth or conceal better now? "Are you thinking how to tell me? " A face unusual saying of warm ease of walking. I am amazed by, busy with one: "Where to have? I think, think, do not know how to say. " What I pleased smiles at him, say: "In fact because you are long very good. . . " The warm ease of walking is surprised, say: "You are still really strange. You are really different when following other women. " The ease of looking at Wen Xing which I banter, say: "Do other girls see you can't walk any longer in the distance? " Wen XingYi smiles and smiles and says helplessly: "Like whom you speak, because of feature of me, and because of we Wen house status of fort. " I say: "Because of your feature and status of your the Wen 's fort, it is the target of public criticism that it was too near if I left with you. If in that way, I will be very troublesome, moreover, I do not like the trouble. " "Then how about now? It was not too far either that you and I went, are not you afraid of becoming the target of public criticism? "

I am looking at Wen Xing's ease, when does he make and like getting to the bottom in this way? I put up hands on his shoulder and say: "I am a friend as you, I can't abandon my friend because of the trouble. You are so good, can there is no your friend exactly my losses. " Wen XingYi says: "OK, I want it definitely too, your friend. Since you have sacrificed so many for me, what should I do for you? Should it be kinder to you? " It was incomparably magnificent that I smiled, make a slight bow for him, say: "Little woman this wither first right away and then. " Wen XingYi laughs heartily, says: "Staying with you is the leisure. If any question look for me, lost I can send you off to come back. " I nod, say: "Eh, I see. "

Mine is so refined as to give up, Wen XingYi says: "You afraid of lost afterwards, want little and red follow you, you let Bei Bei with you. " Saying and drawing out a bird from sleeves, it was not Bei Bei. "How is Bei Bei in that of yours? " I take over Bei Bei, unexpectedly this little child sleeps so fragrantly, really lose face. Wen XingYi takes out a small bag and says again: "This is food of bird that I order people to send here specially, please feed for it to eat. " I take over the small bag, have said that is thanked. "Have not you said yet how Bei Bei has been in that of yours? " The sleeves that I am tearing Wen XingYi who will go soon are said. The helplessness of a face of ease of walking warmly, say: "I know either, I afternoon nap wake up, find little child this sleep by I pillow right away, I send it here to you. " I have language, why give I you see I just now. For me, I do not need you to send off, do not need to make a scene in front of you either.

As soon as Wen XingYi leaves, I have been drawn into room small and red. "Sister far away, did you come back with spendthrift? Is it that the spendthrift send you off to come back? " The Eight Diagrams of a face that it is small and red, it is wrong not to have, it is really the Eight Diagrams very much. I say smiling: "What do you have surprised? Have not you been saying all the time the spendthrift is a good serious person? Then does it have nothing to be rare that he send me off to come back now? " The foiling of a small a red a face, say: "Sister far away, are not you excited? It was the spendthrift that sent you off to come back. " My laughable taking over the small red tea that sent here, say: "I am excited, who says I am not excited. Certainly I am excited, I have a friend, certainly I am excited. " Passing a glass of water to me again of little red helplessness, say: "Sister far away, are you really only analogous to the spendthrift's friend? " A mouthful of tea of mine has almost been gushed out, say: "Small and red, please shouldn't speak these words afterwards, I will be also wanting to live for two more year. " Amazed by small and red, say: "What's the matter? What happened? " I strike the young and red back of the hand, say: "How about you don't be nervous, do not have. " Wonder further, say small and red: "Why is that far away sister you. . . " I put the teacup on the desk, say: "I wanted to go sooner or later, besides, actually the spendthrift had fiancees. Even if he does not have a fiancee, how do you know he will like me? "

I have not interest at all in this question, so small and red as to no longer speak too. Half on the day, it is small and quite red some ones that end are said: "Sister far away, are you willful in the afternoon? " I have no language, this little girl remembers. I the innocent say: "How? Small and red, I, to you at ordinary times, OK? How could you suspect me? " I shake the head, pretend to cannot help but say: "Hey, I am so pitiful. Connect with us dear and too small and red to believe me either now. " The small and red and helpless and without resources one is said: "Sister getting sad in you far away, I does not. . . " The little and red sound lives at once violently, the ones that can't be believed are said: "Sister far away, you did it on purpose clearly. You still smile. . . " It is little to rise red melon seed face while being red for me to see, can't help laughing heartily. We make a fun in room, until exhausted a when such as they both, this was not stopped. With small and red stay, always happy. Do not know whether to remember me small and red after I have left or not?

Living in the Wen 's fort has more than half months, in fact the little accident except once in a while, what I crossed is very happy. The most place that I go is the aunt's large inconceivable garden of U.S.A. of cloud, the place at least to go cannot be said, because I have only been to few places. Wen house fort a heavy one unreasonable, estimate, go, walk whole day, I whether without so much strength go, go one day. Besides, in case go out and meet Ma ShanShan, I am not very gloomy. I came to an agreement to leave, to tell the truth, this kind of daughter's day still really raises people very much. Look, what originally did already round stature that had pouted look like me now? How much well I have estimated long again, really enough, the necessary weight-reducing plan which carried on new round. Well, the sword law that Guo Jian is not teaching Wen Xing how to exceed? Let me study too tomorrow.

Aroused in interest to not so good as taking action. Early in the morning, as soon as I finish following small and red and saying, I say I will go to two young master's places. Originally wanted to go with me very much small and red, but the terror that thought of Wen Xing later, the very depressed one has been given up. For being no longer lost, I take Bei Bei too specially. This little child can really sleep, has had an opportunity to sleep dark all aroundly already. If not I threaten, say if he does not wake up, I take roast bird, estimate in who still it will be it. One little lazy bird really, because I lazy, so it can so lazy? No, no, no, I should not think like this, I actually have a little hardworking ones. Help to have Bei Bei, Xing Wen residence well look for. It seems Bei Bei very familiar with Wen house whom fort turn.

Wen Xing is practising swords, sees I seem very surprised. "Far away, why do you come? " Saying, had put the sword away. I smile: "You did not welcome me originally. Hey, actually I was also wanting to have it several times more. Since you are not welcomed, I think I go. " Assuming a posture saying will go, but walked warmly and stop. "Welcome. " Wen Xing lets go of my arm, say a bit shily and blushingly: "I have not just expected you come back. " My laughable looking at this big boy, say: "Walk, let you not matter like this? " Wen Xing's excitement of a face, say repeatedly: "Sure, OK, though you have shouted like this. " I sit on the stone bench in the courtyard saying smiling: "I come to learn sword law from you. " The pastry here is still very good, fragrant and crisp. Wen Xing's fascination of a face, asked: "Do you want to study the acrobatic skill too? However, it is very bitter to study the acrobatic skill, can you insist on? " I am a bit too shy to say: "I know, study acrobatic skill very bitter, matter, I learn, come, play just too, how are the ones that might not be learnt. " Wen Xing triggers the corner of the mouth, say: "I.e. so right, you finish studying. Oh yes, do not you have one's own swords? Otherwise all right, I have a sword, give to you, OK? " I nod, say: "All right, borrow yours well first. "

Wen Xing sits down and says by me: "Should persevere while studying swords, you must often come afterwards, otherwise you will not have anything progressive. " My wall-eyed person sees Wen Xing say: "This of yours that you are inviting me? " Wen Xing is the too more shy to say: "Let it be. " I pick up a piece of gold to put crisply into mouth, say: "If is the true, I promise. " The very gladder Wen Xing seems, say: "Let me teach you, OK? My sword law is still good, you had not seen just now. " Really, his sword law is really good. I pretend to be sorry to say: "However, Mr. Guo's sword law seems a little better, right? " Xing Wen face change immediately, turn over hair speak, a just a little red one connect explanation thin anger of him with.

It was very early that Guo Jian came, it seems, he is really very that teaches Wen Xing how to study conscientiously. Guo Jian says to Wen Xing after crossing the gift to us: "Three young masters, please enter with me now, we study the desolate gentleman's " subset " today. " I am distracted, who is this desolate gentleman, not be the same as our I? The fact proves, my supposition is totally correct. Wen Xing casts a look at me, seem to be that does not want to enter very much. I say: "Walk and cross you and study first, it would be better if I learnt swords from Mr. Guo. " Wen Xing's unwillingness of a face, say to Guo Jian: "Mr. Guo, we don't study today, OK? Cannot teach her if come to let me study swords far away, I study. " Guo Jian says in all seriousness: "Three young masters, the young lady said just now she could learn after me. Moreover, your study can't be stopped, I promise the spendthrift's. " A face of Wen Xing is foiled, but say: "It would be better if you told my eldest brother I do not want to read, he should fine, finish letting him fine me. " Sword Guo move at all, insist very much, see Wen Xing just. Find out XingYi Wen make too getting right really, Jian Guo Wen Xing invincible opponent.
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Revlon (five)


Having lain in bed for two days, the cloud aunt will give various tonics every day, will let little to supervise me finish drinking while being red each time. As to this I am that the good air is also laughable, but more one is making warm. So many people care about me, I am really very moved. I can not really lie down on the third day. Until I say to the limit with little red good word, it is Kenya say to cloud aunt I am already in control finally to be small and red, I can be regarded as and really liberate. But the result is, it is small and red always in keeping watch on me tightly, report my situation to cloud aunt at any time. Have uncomfortable to lie rehabilitation in bed, let me have nothing to say in reply really at once soon. All cloud aunts and young and red, they are too nervous.

Get, liberate I go to garden go at once, both days first-class to wipe out etc., drink in bed, do not allow either there, will really suppress me soon badly. The afternoon sunshine shines people very much, but because my ability of exceeding, I am not hot at all, bitter and small and red. The small and red and hot one in a sweat follows me, how I say she is unwilling to go back.

"Sister far away, or else let's come to stroll again a little later. " The small and red and pitiful one says, what does not stop wipes the sweat with the handkerchief on one side. It is little to stand, under tree shade, take out handkerchief help her wipe sweat, want how could advise light to go back while being red while being red for me to draw. " it is small and red, " I say the pitiful one on purpose: "I so thirsty, can you help whom you just recovered from a dangerous illness sister go, fetch some sweet-sour plum juice solve quenching one's thirst far away? " It is busy with the way that it is small and red: "Sister far away, you wait a moment, I will get you one at once. " Have taken two steps and turned round and said again: "You don't walk arbitrarily, the sister far away, or else I am sure that will not be able to find you. " I nod at once, guarantee repeatedly I am sure to wait for her to come back, small red this has just run and gone quickly.

Until seeing little and red figure, I did not dare to stroll everywhere. There is no people in the garden, estimate that all in the afternoon nap. I ravage these flowers and plants beautiful while moving, have no way, it is still very boring that a person of mine leaves. My flower on hand is already substantial, I want to wait and take to aunt's place of cloud a moment later. Not knowing why, I have not seen uncle Wen in the cloud aunt's courtyard at all. Emotion of them look very getting kind, live together at all? Let it be, I don't consider these questions, maybe it is unwilling to let me know others have one's own reasons.

Have left so long, where I have not known to go either, the way in this garden is really complicated. Even if I can not be hot, I or feeling a bit tired, where to have a rest? In the front is a small pond, is planting the red dazzling lotus, the strong fragrance of flowers fills the air in the air, but not amazing. I stand by pond sucking one breath ruthlessly, these flower fragrant and curious and special. Water only overflowing, I fade away shoes and socks hold, get off by the pond, the ice-cold sense of touch is so comfortable. Suitable for having a rest in the afternoon, I lie on the meadow, the foot is still stretched in water straight, unexpectedly has fallen asleep unconsciously. I know I can sleep, sleep, can also sleep so fragrantly two days already.

Seem someone call I, whom I impatient of translate a body in being dim. What a shame, others are sleeping, OK, who it is to bother me! "Hello, you wake up. " It is a man's voice, who is it? I have not opened eyes yet, am just thinking in the heart whose such impolite sleep which bothers others this is. Whose chattering in this way it is, unable to endure any longer. I sit and stand up violently, seem to give him a start. Seeing suddenly carefully, oh, it was a warm little devil.

"Why do you look at me in this way? " Doubt of a face of warm little devil. Eh, perhaps to my expression I am really a little strange, I correct one's own expression at once, make great efforts to let oneself look a bit more normal. " eh, " I see him asked with aslant head: "Do you come to look for me? " Whom I move close to carefully watch warm little devil, to tell the truth, think him to be goodlooking at short range. Water bright eyes are limpid and incomparable, tall and graceful nose, the lip shape is very goodlooking rhombus too. His skin is very good, still more fine than mine. Really unfair, he is long more goodlooking than I.

"What are you seeing? " The warm little devil's layback with my movements constantly, has already lain on the meadow now. And I, good kind is very ambiguous, I lie prone and keep watch on him to see suddenly on him. "You still saw pretty well long. " This is truth, only, he is still too tender, can't say it is a man, just the boy. Estimate that waits for him to grow up, the peach blossom is prosperous and prosperous too. Why, warm little devil blushes. Unless really it is the rare, the getting getting getting more red to become like this more already more so,that if. . . My labour contractor is more very lower, hands have already been put up on his shoulder too. "What do you do? You stand up quickly. " Say, push away I soon, I move, watch little funny face this red to worry about for fulfillment. "I stand up, how me it will be you? " Brilliance that I smile more and more. "You are so unashamed. " The warm little devil seems worried, turn me over on the ground quickly. I lie on the ground, stupefied, unexpectedly I am taking liberties with children openly! !

"Do you have nothing serious? " The warm little devil stood aside, asked. I have not moved, I am thinking yet how I can do the thing just now. Could it be said, is this my abominable factor at heart? I had such a one side too originally. "What you are doing, do not stand up? " If I do not move, does not move, I want to sleep, don't bother me. "Do not you stand up? You will receive chill in this way. " I nod, climb up, I do not need to receive the chill. Unless the I one foot is wet, it wear shoes and socks,can only foot, before the warm little devil let me wear the shoes only, I try to be the first to say: "You have seen too, my foot is wet, can't wear the shoes. " Warm little devil's helpless opening the face, say: "Otherwise please go to my residence first. " See the expression in one's eyes that I wonder, say again: "You can't go arbitrarily everywhere with only foot, let others see what sample it is. " I think even, keep up with at once. Fortunately the floor here is fairly levelled too, otherwise I should cry.

I am looking at the pavilion just before eyes, asked: "Is this the place where you live? " Here is very good too, it is so near from that pond. "Your place is still very beautiful. " I say while walking: "Very beautiful too inside. " There is much antique, calligraphy and painting, this little devil does not like the dance one that got the rifle once, how be so getting graceful whom room assign. Still really there is a sword on the wall, is inlaying the red and blue gem on the golden scabbard, very magnificent sword. "Do you like this sword? " The warm little devil has taken it down from the wall, took swords out, asked: "If you like me to give to you, OK? " I smile and say: "I dare not want, what will do that if anyone rob me? " "Will you go? " Unexpectedly the appearance that one pair is difficult to forget is said for the warm joker: "You can be living here all the time, the mother loves dearly you, father is sure to let you stay, "I smile, remain silent. I want to go, but it is unnecessary to let all people know.

"Do not you have girls Huans who attend you? " I am looking at the hollow room, the one that did not understand asked: "A person of yours? " There is unatural blush on the little warm funny face, say: "No, I let Wen Ping invite Mr. Guo just now, he had not come back yet. " Mr. Guo, is really Guo Jian. It is really a good student, it is that I am looked after and guided by me as expected. I dry the foot with the towel that the warm little devil passed me, put on the shoes and socks, begin the place to look the warm little devil up and down conscientiously.

The first floor and two rooms, it seems that the bedroom is on the second floor. The first floor is large and bright, all ornaments seem very worthy. The room inside looks like the study, but not quite alike, should be the place where Mr. Guo teach him how to study. The paper inkstone of pen and ink is put, an open one piles the first-class paper up greatly on the desk. I saw suddenly closer, also wrote word above, but too too hasty and careless, a writing brush word, I do not know me. I do not have an interest that got on to read in the second floor, I will go to calculate to the bedroom of the little boy of the household what it is about.

I turn over the head and see the warm little devil say: "All right, I will go. " Have already saying walked toward outside again. " wait a moment, " The warm little devil says at once, " I did not injure you on purpose that day, I have not expected you through hitting. " This child, what I gave to him in the sand hill is not good, expect I am through hitting? I give him a big smiling face, say: "It doesn't matter, it will be better so long as you no longer let me have a competition. " The little warm funny face is red, say: "I have already acknowledged one's own mistake, would not you walk? " Because hear I will go, want to keep me? Could I wonder by I smile, say: "This turns round, you but should study carefully now, Mr. Guo has already waited outside the door. " As soon as I nod to Guo Jian, I walk.

Walk how long does it know, I can be regarded as to really remember, it seems that I could not finding the way to go back at all. Find and see first now, or wait for others to find me, and then see me off to go back? Let it be, I go to look for someone else by oneself. Has already crossed the garden, why not see people yet? The preceding one is. . . Walk slowly like a woman and express the young lady? Like this piece walk slowly like a woman form Miss very much, however, goes to look for her to ask the way better first.

"The form young lady is good. " I am courteous. "Who is this fat and ugly girl? " OK, you piece walk slowly like a woman form Miss, you say me to be fat and ugly, return one know appearance of me unexpectedly, did not you see me again that day when I came? Well, you ignore me completely. "It is desolate and distant that I am, come back with cloud aunt. " I try hard to let one's own tone sound gentle and courteous. What nearby a little girl Huan does not consider worth doing is said: "Miss, she whether fort advocate peace lady pick up beggar that come on at road. " The beggar? Say I am a beggar? "I am sorry, prove, what beggar I am not, I just come here to stay temporarily for some time. Waiting for me to find the new residence, I will leave at once. " My tone has already not to be very friendly begun, who let that little girl say I am the beggar's. The form young lady ridicules: "Do you really just want to stay temporarily, but not stay at here and refuse to leave for ever? "

You smile, smile at you very much, whom I say no word turn round. I, Miss of form, make, get up, household future daughter-in-law, aunt of cloud, always fine to conflict with her also. The cloud aunt loves dearly me, how do I have the face to be causing her trouble.

"You see the young lady, she does not think highly of you at all. " It is that little girl disagreeable voice, the bad girl sowing discord. The form young lady has vertical the eyebrows of a beautiful woman at once, say: "Discredited girl, I have not let you leave, do you think you can leave? " I turn round, say: "Form young lady, excuse me, may I go now? " The form young lady is cold to grunt, say: "What, know now that asks me? " Form young lady's beautiful cheek seems particularly disagreeable now, originally very beautiful, it is the ugliest now. That piece demand little girl Huan that person detest throw, get in the sky handkerchief of hand, a gust of breeze blow to handkerchief tree just. I am thinking, whether this little girl calculates accurately just windily. "Have seen? That is a young lady's handkerchief, you go up to take down it now. " The little girl is totally causing trouble to me, the form young lady nearby is a pair of looks of seeing good play.

Why I am always so unlucky, first a warm little devil, is a form young lady now, it is really enough. I have got here is turned persona nongrata the most into? Why is everywhere someone is causing trouble to me. With superenergic to should blow a gust of wind no and question of me now? I place hands on pointing loudly after hitting one behind silently. Strange, have not reacted. Can my exceeding blow? I have hit one to point loudly, want to make the handkerchief in the heart. Otherwise whom form Miss can not stop cause trouble to me. "Form young lady, if I take your handkerchief down, can you send a little girl Huan to send me back to giving up refinedly? " "Why should we send you to go back? " Hateful sound, little disagreeable girl. I smile coldly, galley proof, the tiger does not run riot, are you a disease cat as me?

I am staring at the little girl Huan closely, say: "Are you a young lady? Young lady, house of you, speak, you blind to ask something in there. Could it be said, do you want to replace you in the position of the young lady of the family? , you like the warm spendthrift too, want to marry the warm spendthrift too? " The little girl Huan's face is pale at once, the form young lady's face is frightfully black. The little girl Huan kneels trembling on the ground, says: "Miss, you should believe me. I do not have, how dare I. " I am disdaining ancient slave's system in the heart ruthlessly, have not pleaded for mercy for her in the mouth. "It is in you dare not,it is been think of. Maybe, as soon as the spendthrift has married the form young lady the moment, the spendthrift accept you quickly. Look to see you too very getting good, though Miss beautiful as form, but even enough to think. " I have disdained oneself in the heart ruthlessly too, this is hitting a person when he's down.

The ones that expressed the young lady and hated had cast a look at the little girl Huan, had said: "From now on, you are no longer my Huan of girl next to the skin, you will get things together and go home tomorrow. " The little girl Huan has cast a look at me ruthlessly, has walked with one's head low. Whom I take place at one glance stand, in where it is, wait for form next movement of Miss. Form Miss look at I, toe whom high gas hold high say: "It is said the lady loves dearly you very much, but you should understand, I am future few ladies. If you just want to live here temporarily, please move out as soon as possible. If you return and what other idea, don't blame me to be impolite. How about I want you correctly, madam will not say anything. " Comes if I sneer in the heart, how to me you want. Then, the cloud aunt will want to see there is what you received at the time of your trouble. Heart think I should get off conscientiously very so. I must go, but not afraid of you definitely. There is too much trouble of the fort of this the Wen 's, there are your disagreeable future little ladies, I want must leave. Live under one eave with you, it is bored you to be sure.

Ma ShanShan has stared at me at one glance, turns round to walk with his other girls Huan. By now getting fine, nobody give I go back, want what is to be done at all? I face upward the head looks at the bright red handkerchief on the tree-top, think whether I finally walk or not. Wen house fort this a heavy one unreasonable, garden everywhere, attic and waterside pavilion, let me can find refined way that give up among intricate path, this is impossible at all. Having understood now, I am that a way is silly.

Just when I am extremely depressed, hear someone say: "Far away, you are here. " I saw suddenly later, was Wen XingYi, at last I have run into a person this time, a person who can help me. "The eldest brother of the ease of walking is really skillful well, have not expected that can run into you here. " I say smiling. Wen XingYi is looking at the handkerchief on the tree-top, says: "Is that your handkerchief? I help you to take down. " I find time, speak yet, he spring straight up into the air already, fall handkerchief injure in him already come down. I do not need the handkerchief usually, always think what pinches the handkerchief and is got rid of and got rid of is really affected unconvention. To tell the truth, the movements just now of the ease were very handsome that walked warmly, the graceful one was unreasonable. What I am looking at smilingly passes my Wen XingYi the handkerchief, really feel a pain in the heart. You think, such an outstanding young talent, the big handsome boy whose personality all have nothing to say of moral standing, but the husband that tigress' horse walked slowly like a woman in the future. It is really pitiful Wen DaShuai's brother, does not know how two people's emotion is. Let it be, let he himself want to go, anyway it is a others' wife.

"This is not my handkerchief. " I am smiling, naughty blinking and blinking, say: "This is a form young lady's handkerchief, since finish sent and changed back by youing on hand in yours now. " Wen XingYi's smile is stiff, say thinly: "Let it be, don't send off. " Seem, ShanShan Ma, and warm competent ease problematic. Should I help others to network? "Why not send off? You can chat with the form young lady when going. " What I said is absolutely sincere, it is totally good for household. The oddity of a face of ease of walking warmly, say: "Do you think I should look for her? " This time just before my expression is odd, why speak so strangely. "Actually you should go to look for others to chat more, you will be the couple afterwards. Get in touch with emotions more now, it will be happy to live together later. " Wen XingYi's expression in one's eyes has flashed, say: "Yes, we will be the couple afterwards. Perhaps, what you said is right. " I speak originally very getting right, those have what be perhaps? Wen XingYi seems to find out my idea, has smiled, the depression of the whole face leaves in the twinkling of an eye.

Wen XingYi accepts the handkerchief in the chest, says: "All right, I will go. You continue strolling, is gone back to give up refinedly. " I say at once: "I go back to give up refinedly, is it the same as different ways to follow you? " The saying of Wen XingYi's regret: "Different ways, what a pity, nobody sends you to go back. Are you lost? " I am stupefied, faces are all red. "This one, it seems that I am lost. " I am a bit too shy to say. Wen XingYi laughs heartily, says: "Can't find out you will also be shy. " What is this?

"I was originally all right and shy, OK? " It is said that I am discontented, not merely unexpectedly unwittingly some feelings of acting like a child. As soon as Wen XingYi is obvious and distracted, my face is redder. I pretend to be angry to push the warm ease of walking, say: "You do not see me back to and give up refinedly, I have already starved quickly. " Wen XingYi smiles, a bit very intimate fumbling and touching my top of the head, says: "Well, I send you to go back first. If hungry and broken you, mother take, fine I too maybe. " "Do you say too? " I asked at once: "The cloud aunt because who have I also fined? " Wen XingYi says helplessly: "Yes, walked the more wounded last time, the mother punished him for facing the wall and meditating and thinking over in the sound pavilion of coloured glaze, did not come back until today. " I say a bit guiltily: "In fact I am injured not to be because of three young masters completely either, he has already shown mercy very much. " Wen XingYi says: "You needn't feel guilty, he should receive some lessons too. " I nod without speaking again, go back in warm ease of walking that quietly accordingly.

They both can say seldom on the way, more or less awkward. I am introspecting, so near that it seems that I should not leave with him. Have not I been saying all the time avoid him? Why is more and more on intimate terms instead now? I will not walk, have too much involving with them now, is it good or bad to know either?

" far away, " Does Wen XingYi say, " who do you like? " I have smiled, say: "Do you say so that it is that that kind likes? " Wen XingYi says wondering: "Like dividing a lot kinds too? " "Certainly, just like I. I like a lot of people, I like uncle Wen and cloud aunt, like you all, certainly I still like Bei Bei very much. " I, say again: "You can like a lot of persons, a lot of things. But do I think, the ones that like saying among the lovers in what you say like, is it? " Wen XingYi's laughable touching the head which touches me, say: "Have fault like this, you love who be then? You can say love have many kinds and then. " I have flat flat mouth, say discontentedly: "You don't touch my head again, the eldest brother of the ease of walking. I to touch little head of Bei Bei in this way, feel oneself grow up the same yet usually, there is not a fulfillment very much. "
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Revlon (four)


Washed into room small and red, actually dragged me from bed down early in the morning the next day. I suspect now, it is finally that I served her or she serves me. I light to draw, turn left, turn right, stand light red preach while being red when being dim. "Sister far away, you are a bit more sober. The spendthrift say please eat the breakfast with everybody today, why can then you sleep. " It is I that want, sleep, I used to, pass summer suddenly just, it is finished but I spent just now in summer, who knows pass again.

I be woken up already, almost, make any jokes basically reach hall. Just entered the door, listened to Wen Xing's ease and smiled: "Wake up far away but yet? " Stared at him at one glance if I can't help, but see Ma ShanShan shows the expression in one's eyes detested. I am amazed by, say thinly: "It's very kind of you to say so, the spendthrift has had a joke. " See big round table sit Manchu, all people already. I say hello one by one, this just sits on Wen Xing's empty seat the more nearby.

It says to be to have breakfast, have full cooked food really, chiken and duck fish egg complete set. Others have wealth speak louder than others, others do not love, what am I courteous yet? Whom I remain calm stew meals, only hope to eat up and go away at once. People that have a meal much, that speak really pitiably little, whom atmosphere is constrain want human life. It is that it has the less wanted to get into trouble who has referred to you, the trouble is crossed to look for you, really too accurate. My straight food is enjoyable, the ones that listen to the language area of Ma Shan and ridicule are said: "Did not maybe the desolate girl eat such a good thing before? Frightening joke of gobbling up. " I sneer, tone is said indifferently: "It is really too shy to frighten to the form young lady. Have no way, as can wipe out only I Hey, do not say " Still look smug or conceited saying, bitter. Ma ShanShan's face has changed, rebuke one angrily: "You are anything, have the audacity to laugh at me "Say yet, listen to cloud aunt say: "Walk slowly like a woman, everybody gets up to have a meal, pay attention to some. Besides, " The expression in one's eyes of the cloud aunt is neglected to Wen XingYi, the horse walks slowly like a woman at once understandingly, lowers one's head and says no words. I see Wen Xing's ease having unhappy faces a little, pray secretly, hopes it will not become tigresses that the horse walks slowly like a woman for him.

Three young masters who have never spoken say warmly and competently: "Mother, why are you still helping strangers? The cousin is your future daughter-in-law. This stranger lying unexplainedly and everywhere, does not really understand how you and father can agree to let her live in, what shall we do if if she harbor evil intentions? " I cold to see one Xing Wen that face taunt, have angry, plan to open one's mouth. This warm to walk, enough for angry people really, no wonder little red ease mention he one offer, wither unwise appearance. Warm to walk cloud simple and elegant and voice remembering one that is I unhappy to unload, go more than half in right time of Xin Shu. "It can't be impolite to walk. Since the guests in the fort of our the Wen 's far away, we should treat with due respect. " The cloud aunt nods and says too: "It is a little bit naughty that this walks, don't drink to him far away and have the same level as. We take we by all means, pay no attention to he. " Wen Xing thinks opening one's mouth several times, has been blocked back by the expression in one's eyes of Wen Xing's ease.

The meal which eats me by all means that I said no word, the silent one is looking at this whole family, feeling oneself is shielded outside more and more. Cloud aunt, XingYi and warm competent cloud Wen seem to be, can embarrass I. Ma ShanShan sure that has hostility to all women that involve with Wen XingYies, because of a word of Wen Xing's ease, I have been already glorious and is put under the blacklist by her. Take from her far later, I guest now, she warm competent ease the next wife, not so hostile. Maybe saw her want to make a detour and walk afterwards, maybe she still thought I can be close to the warm ease of walking, want to rob the husband with her. The warm ease of walking, watch he one appearance of uncontentious person, certain whom him kill. Xing Wen to watch me to be in any case pleasing to the eye, certain to cause trouble to me everywhere. Uncle Wen one appearance of outsider totally, it estimates to be willing to walk, drive me out of Wen house fort with ShanShan Ma while being warm. It seems, I will be at the Wen 's afterwards the day of the fort can not be peaceful and quiet.

The breakfast is just over in the baffled atmosphere, the cloud aunt invites me to play with and is refused by my gentle words, I want to go back to mend and sleep. Causing trouble to me and feeling aggrieved to Wen Xing on purpose just now all the time small and red, I do not explain either, only let her chatter there.

Later several days my nest is being given up refinedly, even refined door that gave up has not gone out. Because thing for getting angry, claim, say, want, go, look for cloud aunt decide for me, have been stopped smiling at by me. To them, actually I was unexplained, had nothing OK, I do not want to speak my extraordinary passing through to these ancients either. Moreover, have said they will believe? I am really lying too, if I say my fatherless bitterness has not been depended on, the pitiful one is serious, see my skin and know it is a lie. Skin now of me but water tender to win silk while being smooth, horse even walk slowly like a woman the a thousand pieces of gold old young lady that is pampered and spoiled as to kind skin have me, can I also say how pitiful I am in all solemnity? Let it be, I do not believe, moreover, that group of piercing eyes by oneself. I do not know why they are willing to keep me to live here, it is better in the street than to sleep in the open but always there are places to live, I have anything else to can complain.

The warm ease of walking nearly comes everyday, it of the good name says that is held by the cloud aunt. Even if he come, he can send, down people come on too. Looking at a pile of thread-bound books piled up sent here, I place them on the bedside helplessly. How Wen XingYi knows I read, or does she want to sound out me? In any case, there are these books, I do not live too boringly. I often stay on the rattan chair in the courtyard whole all day, read with chatting small and red. Bei Bei seems to like running outside more and more, does not often see the shadow for a whole day. But it is a bird, should always fly to the sky, I have to be up to it. Pass, ten come day so, book whom I think already basically that XingYi send here Wen boring, should gone out for a walk too presumably.

The air in early morning lets people can't help wanting the breath in big mouthfuls freshly. I got up early today, if is so small and red as to wake up, say definitely the sun hit in the west. I have late to go to bed habit that get up late always, this let light to suit very much while being red. More than half night all usually, I when the reading that spirit charge, it washes red to be so tired that stand already. I said I would let her not be in charge of me, it would be better if went to sleep oneself, but she will disagree firmly, accompanied and is not having a rest together until I finish reading a book all the time. I loved young and red last night, did not just stay up, this just got up early. I waking up early, small to sleep, call, call, wake up incompletely while being red. Since it is fine very much, and I have just got up early, then go to take a walk. Say, my face becomes much more goodlooking, but this stature is not all right. It seems, appropriate sports are still a lot.

Has unexpectedly gone to the courtyard where the cloud aunt lives taking a walk, that slice is pink, then the silvery white of flying floats to remain unchanged. I strolled in the beautiful scenery in this illusion, as if came into another perfect world. Without others, beautiful, the heart calms down in the twinkling of an eye, as if settling down like finding and belonging to at last. That big silvery white tree is still brilliant if like the dream, silvery white brilliance is hit-and-miss. I pace, get that call in great numbers loud tree of silk gently, hands comfort and have trunks gently. A kind of strong one belongs to the same feeling and spreads from palm to one hundred bones of the body of four limbs, my mind is shaken. I will belong to the same feeling with the tree, this has not been expected absolutely by me, have I turned into a plant too? As if sea to face green, whom silvery white wave does not park make, hit I, the constant one appears in a kind of baffled strength is in the body. I float, in one's own consciousness space, hear one lazy to have joyful voice sound somewhat Yong suddenly.

"Far away, is it so early how you come? " I regain hand think to upstairs, cloud aunt wear one rice getting white long gown, a smug one stand at edge of the railing. I regain the mind, one: "Have bothered to the cloud aunt and had a rest? I hope to see your beautiful scenery here. " Cloud aunt one: "You wait for me for a while, I come down. " Walk downstairs saying. I sit on the stone bench, wait for the cloud aunt to go downstairs. Aunt's floor of cloud, let the girl Huan prepare breakfast. I take over the breakfast smiling, have breakfast with cloud aunt. Undeniable, it is very comfortable that stay with the cloud aunt, so breakfast is eaten very happy.

Having eaten up breakfast, the cloud aunt proposes going to the garden to walk around, I promise joyfully. Not basically having anybody in the garden, the cloud aunt just let a girl Huan follow too, three people are a bit too quiet when walking in the spacious garden.

" the cloud aunt, " I open one's mouth dish at first, " I want to go out for a walk, Is that all right? " The cloud aunt has cast a look at me, asked: "What's the matter? Is it uncomfortable to live here? " " no, " I shake the head at once, " I want, take, go, might as well get the outside go, watch first anyway, perhaps there are places where I can stay. " The cloud aunt nods, one: "Do not you think so unrestrained as the outside here? " My worry is guessed right, very awkward, have to keep silent. The one breath that the cloud aunt has sighed, one: "This child of yours is really You reach outside alone I can not really put down the heart. Otherwise like this? You live some time more, if really want to go, I let people send you to go out again, OK? " I move, feel nose turn sour very in the heart. I am difficult to be moved, have been really really moved this time. Have not question, has not suspected, the cloud aunt is only the simple help, I, simple wanting is good for me. Such a person, letting me just been here unexpectedly, this world had met, it was my good fortune.

The cloud aunt touches my head smiling, one: "I want, let you make to be daughter I very much in fact. Just feel rude, so has never said. If you do not want to go, it is no matter to live here all the time. Although you walk to have a bad temper, in fact he is not evil, just not ripe enough. " I nod, can be regarded as acquiescence.

Having walked on more than half days, two people are both a bit tired, it so happened there is a wayside pavilion in the front, enter. Sit down just, cloud aunt tell little girl Huan go, fetch sweet-sour plum juice quench one's thirst. Two people sit in the wayside pavilion, look at the lotus in full bloom in the lake, can't help being in one breath. Sit more heavy to for a moment, hear someone who does it berate softly nearby yet. My eyes can not be seen clearly, but the cloud aunt sees clearly demarcatedly, is really walking warmly and reprimanding a young man. Perhaps Wen Xing has found us too, coming up to us slowly, what that young people aped sedulously with one's head low is followed.

"Walk, what's the matter? Why lose the temper again? " The cloud aunt is still gentle, just tone is little and a bit unhappy. The more angry Wen Xing is, saying in a great rage: "I let I, him of she, practise sword, he but willing. " Aunt turned the cloud to that young people, asked: "What is your name? Why is unwilling to accompany the playboy to practise swords? " That young people lift the head, the neither humble nor pushy one is said: "It is Jian Guo to be on the bottom, it is spendthrift that please come, supervise three young master study, who know three young master must draw lackey practise swords. On the bottom says, the playboy can practise the sword after finishing the lessons. Playboy unwilling, this blow disagreement just. " The cloud aunt sees Wen Xing, but the latter's slight nodding, but said: "I do not like reading, what lean towards and want me to do to study? I like practising swords, if you do not accompany me to practise, I let others practise again. " It is totally overbearing and insufferably arrogant appearance. The cloud aunt shakes the head, the a bit helpless one is seen to me.

"Can the playboy practise swords? " I ask Guo Jian. "It has been practised for a few years, slightly succeed small that on the bottom. " I nod, ask to Wen Xing, " do you think How is your sword law? " Xing Wen choose to cast a look at me Xing, dish: "Certainly better than him. " Say, demonstrate, neglect sword Guo also. " OK, " I say, " that does not have real battle as you. However, conditioned. "

A face of Wen Xing watch out for, the appearance that Guo Jian does not matter. " if you fail, " It is warm to walk for me to point to, " you want, study carefully, follow sword Guo study sword law hard. " The appearance that Wen Xing has a well-though-out plan with a face, one: "If has he been defeated by? " I turned to Guo Jian, asked: "If you fail, can you like to let three playboys handle? " Guo Jian station is straight, one: "The spendthrift has gratitude for being well understood and treated to me, I will do the best to do the thing that the spendthrift tells well. If I fail, I would like to let three playboys handle. " I see expression in one's eyes of the local tyrant seen to Wen Xing by one kind, say: "Shall I is it careless to kill cutting? " Wen Xing one sample of winning from its disgrace deeply, gnash one's teeth dish: "Who says I have it takes to kill and cut? When will the battle be begun? " My one: "Can begin at any time, yourself discuss the decision. " Half on the day, Wen Xing crosses the anger one: "Desolate and distant, why should I listen to your arrangement? " I shake the head, to kendo Guo: "Who is afraid, it can can be said at any time to withdraw. " As expected, Xing Wen shout in a great rage want, begin, one kill unwilling appearance that withdraw too.

Cloud aunt and I sit in the pavilion, watch the match while drinking tea. The cloud aunt but some say: "Click it, it is better to be don't wounded. " I busy with pacify say: "Aunt has rested assured about the cloud, can not be busy. " The cloud aunt sees I am calm, this just puts down the heart. I have not seen the decisive struggle of others real swords and spears, it is thus very excited. It is the the small red say Xing Wen have the getting very better in the acrobatic skills, but can think I household too with. Uncle Wen stamp one's foot this flow cloud country tremble tremble just, must there is acrobatic skill in that household maybe. Otherwise if anyone come piece rob, rob beauty what is to be done again?

Xing Wen pass, know, offend more or less already with the sword Guo, tell win and defeat yet. Though I understand military, watch Wen Xing sample, sword Guo that must whether outline better than him. Time more and more long, Xing Wen more and more straining even. Jian Guo pieces of straightforward person obviously, know, want, let Xing Wen at all. Thank to him straightforward too, could let Wen Xing know what calls the past master in this way. I think warm to walk how being failed, listen to the cloud aunt crying out in alarm. I look up, just see excellent moment. Xing Wen sword sting, pass by towards sword Guo, until the light and handy one shelter from on one's side Jian Guo, but rapier of hand horizontal with fast thunder as eyes ear in shoulder of XingYue Wen tendency have. At this time, people none can find out it is Xing Wen that fail. If Guo Jian has hearts the more unfavorable to Wen Xing, this must lack a little devil called Wen Xing in the world.

Sword Guo this really add fuel to the flames too, only listen to his saying in all seriousness: "Three young masters, since you have already failed, go back to have a class with me at once on the feeling. " As soon as Wen Xing hears, assumes a hostile attitude at once, what the face is added is ugly. "Mother, do you think too that has been lost by a child? " Warm little devil is looking at the cloud aunt some hurt and wronged ones, the voice is pitiful too. Aunt says in all seriousness the cloud: "Eh, I really think like this. " Gentle little devil one appearance that face attack deeply, turn round anger anger wait sword Guo. Galley proof, I aunt, cloud of root, say already, cloud aunt to can help you this time.

I think time is similar, say: "Son Guo, what do you think of three young masters' sword law? " Saying conscientiously of Guo Jian: "Three playboys' sword law is calculated and become small for the first time too, only, three playboys' sword is employed and can not use perfectly enough. Moreover three playboy too too eager to win, oneself on unfavorable now often. If three young masters are willing to cultivate the moral character and nourish the nature, there must be strong points in the future. " I nod, look at it to the warm little devil, he is disapproving. " three young masters, " I suppress and smile, say, " have not you forgotten our agreement yet? You plan now studies swords first, or go to study first? " It is said that the more unbending Wen Xing is: "How I take thing of me, have, agree on that I and agreement of sword Guo too. You have not won me, why should I listen to you? " I smile, say: "I do not know the acrobatic skill, duel with I who am not strong enough to tie up a chicken if is it difficult to become you? " Wen Xing crossed the face and rose aglow, say: "Even if not the tourney, take than some other things. You must compared with me, otherwise I and Guo Jian agree to calculate that become invalid. "

This dead child is really shameless. I ridicule: "Did not you say just now the agreements of you and I did not matter? What, is there a relation now? " Aunt says the cloud too: "Walk, you should not act shamelessly. " What Wen Xing still clamoured is said: "Even if I should compare with her once without relation, I must defeat her. " The ones that also provoked saying had cast a look at me, I do not see him either, I have not said I must defeat him, it is he that wants to defeat me. This little devil is really thoroughly troublesome. I was thinking how to send this little devil, far saw two warm young ladies Wen XingYun coming over to us.

As soon as the warm little devil sees Wen XingYun, the warm little devil accuse my crime at once. What I heard aside shows the whites of one's eyes directly, this little devil does not still really know to be shy. Breeding of XingYun Wen excellent really, she very patient to listen to Wen Xing complain, still a face with gentle expression, impatient that there is not a little. To this piece being warm to walk cloud I like more and more really, gentle extremely really. "Two young ladies are good. " My very courteous walking warmly cloud bends over curved, show my most magnificent smile. Wen XingYun says with a smile: "Far away, I have called you far away too. " Having sat down in the pavilion talking about too, one: "It is to fail, should not act shamelessly to walk and cross you. "

Wen Xing said no word, ones that just hated very much were keeping watch on me. I say: "Hear three young master you, it says that you are getting getting more impatient too just now too too playboy Guo,you should consideration well. Study, have nothing bad too, have acrobatic skill fine a competent one only. It is a bookworm to only study, it is the big to only do weapon practice. Do you want to become big? " Wen Xing says at once: "I do not want. " My saying smilingly: ", so should develop towards direction well versed in both polite letters and martial arts. You think, if you can be gentle can be military, no one will certainly say you are only a big. Not pretty good like that? " Wen Xing nods, say: "The getting more reasonable very,however, want compare with you I than,can unquestionably surpass I by your. " I say helplessly: "Otherwise we, on the tourney. I do not understand acrobatic skill, so you can't use the weapon. How about it? "

What the cloud aunt worries is said: "Far away, it will be better than some other things. You do not know the acrobatic skill, what if having hurt? " Wen XingYun is tried to persuade one too: "You don't be reluctant far away, it is recalcitrant that walk. " I nod, say: "See too one that needn't worry about, you,whose name is compared with he in I than,be be given up he. " Seeing me of cloud aunt's apology, have to nod. I turn round and see to Wen Xing, say: "It does not matter to lend me your sword? " Wen Xing the more complicated looks and casts a look at me and says: "It want think of you than let it be,so long as you give up. " I shake the head, say smiling: "Matter,it come right away than 1 than. It is guilty if you are afraid of injuring me, then please show mercy. " Wen Xing is thrown over by a complicated expression in one's eyes, I seeing it am a distracted distracted one.

Say it is a tourney, that shows due respect for my feeling. I am pinching the warm sword that walked, what thought is in the heart, it is very light to read his sword, has not expected a still very heavy one. I recall the slice of swordsman that has seen, and the clumsy one is waving rapiers. In fact I want to use superenergically very much, but afraid of being frightened everybody. I said me without knowing acrobatic skill at the beginning, not the time to move the stone and break one's own foot now. Wen Xing can be regarded as a very terrific one too, just hides from all the time, has not attacked me. I have interest at the very beginning, but I gradually am out of patience. It is quicker and quicker that I wave the tempo of the sword, breathe more and more rapid, I have already begun to be a bit tired. Wen Xing patience too in disappearance gradually, he is not dodging simply, he has already dialed several palms on my back. Though show mercy, I ache very much, I believe it is already green a red film. Hit to the end, I have already begun to be angry. This little devil, treat the girl does not still really know what is gentle. The sword layer upon layer of shadows are spread out, I do not know whether can hurt him, my passing the sword just under one of machinery. There are palms that are patted on my back of brisket ceaselessly, I do not want to be in charge of, can not manage either. Time long, I think to stop up bored sense in weight, I only want to give vent to it out chest. Only hear and have " Sneer " Each,it think at the moment I begin it turn black. Seem to hear cloud aunt cry out in alarm, in addition, that little devil seems to be calling my name.

I have only felt and slept comfortable feeling well oneself, but see cloud aunt sitting by my bed while waking up, the whole face is looking at me distressedly. See me open eyes, the comfort of a face of cloud aunt, say: "Has woken up far away, how feeling? Is there uncomfortable any? Hungry? " Saying to the saying small and red nearby of station: "Carry the porridge over quickly. " Answer small and red, send porridge to the cloud aunt's hands at once. Have the socket of the eye in mind and say small and red: "Sister of precious jade precious jade you can wake up, madam watch over one afternoon such as you in here. " What I moved is looked at the cloud aunt, any words can not be told. If say, have to grow, divide to her estranged a little in the past, I think staying at cloud aunt's side quiet only now.

I depend on looking at the cloud aunt and asked the bed: "Cloud aunt, what's the matter with me? I remember I here with three young master tourney still, why lie in bed? " The anger of a face of cloud aunt, say: "Walk the bad smell boy still, can know obviously you acrobatic skill, start, have pieces of weight. The doctor says you have received slight internal injury, the ones that want well nurse one's health. " Whom I act like a child shake, shake cloud arm of aunt, set gentle voice free, say: "The cloud aunt will not be angry, OK? The cloud aunt is so beautiful, angry and plain. Besides, three young masters have already shown mercy very much. Otherwise, where to also speak with you far away? " The small my forehead which the cloud aunt blames, the helpless one is said: "OK, I am not angry. You eat something cushion stomach first then, the supper will begin soon. " I just tried to persuade back the cloud aunt for a long time after trying to persuade.

Aunt exhorts the cloud repeatedly while leaving, should have an optimistic view of me little and red, I must not leave the bed. It is fooled my big patient in the bed that I am very helpless, Wen XingYi and Wen XingYun have both come to see me, the warm little devil does not see souls. Hear light to say warm little devil still very obedient in these two days, follow sword Guo study while being red.
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Revlon (three)


I remember in dusk I had not made giving up refinedly yet till now, should go to say hello to the cloud aunt? Look, I, with already walking toward outside young and red. I know way certainly, have light and red, I walk cloud aunt go by there too tomorrow.

The small red following me tightly, the ones that explained her and knew for me while walking thought the thing that I do not knows. I helpless to listen to her say they handsome graceful spendthrift like what spend what grass, which famous and precious flowers and plants were planted personally by two young ladies. I am thinking why this is still less than, drawing my excited saying small and red: "You look at there the sister far away. " "What's the matter? Let you see what it is again? " I to expect light and red can what does it find, this whom she mention at most spendthrift's warm competent ease on the way, 80% are regarding that big handsome boy Wen XingYi this time.

Have not felt at all my interest is scarce, only the arm excited saying which is drawing me without a break small and red: "Spendthrift, never expect spendthrift can come this, spendthrift can come usually. " Suitable light red sight that I wonder take aim over, watch and does not know the face very much, see the figure should be the warm ease of walking.

Whether I am still wanting to go, letting small sunddenly draws it red, do not forget excited saluting the warm ease of walking. This piece spend silly and light and red, others can be regarded as married man already, you go what does it gather lively. It is silly that it is spent that you go let it be, why drag in me, I do not want to die. That piece what form Miss whether 10,000 does not want, go, cause in I, I want, live some time only, want to do nothing other.

Have already gone to the good saluting in front of warm spendthrift small and red, I have to toughen one's scalp to have too. "The spendthrift is good. " I nod, winding waist, more than one pair of appearances wanting to leave first. Warm to walk ease swing, turn on, wipe, smile, dish: "Is what the desolate girl live in still used to? " The undeniable handsome boy has lethality to smile very much, a pair of red little eyes will be turned into a heart soon. " used to, " I neglect young and red, one: "It was pretty good that I looked after little red one. " Wen XingYi is got rid of over, does not have a shy red face of moral integrity very much small and red by a smile. I sigh direct in heart, this warm to walk ease know oneself married man? Why discharge everywhere! I am that the love insulator does not matter, the household is little and red but the electric conductivity is very strong. If XingYi Wen smile again pieces of several, I have to carry until corona light to go back while being red.

The saying small and red of my worshipping a face on one side very conscientiously: "Small and red, will not we go to lady's place? " It is small and very red hidden bitterness has cast a look at me, say to Wen XingYi: "The spendthrift, I and the sister want to go to lady's place far away. Wonder where the spendthrift is going? " Whom I suspend in heart blame light and red, we walk do you say let it be, you ask him go where act as what also? Wen XingYun seems impatient of wondering to a face of mine very much, but say: "I want, go, give me mother, give some things, pass by as us too just. " I can't help signing, this chance that does not some I said? Small to draw whom area drag catch forward me, I want with warm to walk ease counterpart can only follow, move in succession already while being red.

Journey little to park never while being red to speak with XingYi Wen, and temper of XingYi Wen it gets to be well really also, there is no impatient appearance at all. I follow two people, go bankrupt, have some girl Huan, pieces of clever girl Huan that keep silent. Wen XingYi seems to be that has felt something, turns over the head and says: "Does not the desolate girl have other family? " I nodding helpless, want, say eldest brother you chat, needn't in charge of I with little girl Huan of you by all means very much. Wen XingYi seems very puzzled by my cold attitude, then to saying small and red: "Does not the desolate girl like speaking? " Seem to be that has found the good topic small and red, say at once: "No, the sister is still very lively far away, we have been also chatting this afternoon. " Warm to walk the ease brow is wrinkled a little, seem not to very understand why I am so cold to him, but has not said anything either, has gone ahead by all means.

Small to see Xing Wen ease frown, please, move resources of me out at once while being red. " the spendthrift, " Presenting limitless sympathy in small red tone, " the sister has been living in the remote mountains alone all the time far away, even a relative does not have. It is that nowhere know, ask me what is the name of this continent of ours that the sister connects with this of ours far away. " Linger on on me in sight,I has to awkward pretend enjoy by scenery. It is too small and red not to show due respect for one's feelings, how everything is said. This is not enough to make people convinced once the lie in the remote mountains lives at all directly, only hope they do not had better go into seriously very much.

What I am looking at before one's eyes is like dreams and like the unreal courtyard, is beyond the control of waving to the sky, shout: "Bei Bei, remember here, we will often come afterwards. " In Wen XingYi's surprised sight, it is on hand in mine that Bei Bei stops gently, like what has been agreed nods. Bei Bei's wound is good and very fast, can already exist everywhere now. I wave and tell Bei Bei to play, have never expected it jumps to and walks warmly on the arm of the ease. I say awkwardly: "The spendthrift, sorry. " Joke and also stare at Bei Bei at one glance, warn it to click dutifully. Warm to walk whom ease does not mind very smile, smile, little head to feel Bei Bei say: "It is very lovely, what is your name? " I say helplessly: "Bei Bei, you needn't pay attention to it. " As soon as Bei Bei seems to accept to my warning, Bei Bei flies away quickly. I see Wen Xing's ease, say: "Let's enter as soon as possible. " XingYi Wen nod, magnificent beautiful smile let heart beating violent of me. Look at close Xing Wen general in a complete mess, eye, star of straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, piece preceded jade even more in ease, handsome to can't speak while being graceful really. It thinks about to be too, if warm to walk ease to be appearance outstanding, the a supercilious one walk slowly like a woman, walk slowly like a woman how can take a fancy to he young lady.

Enter the institute, the picture beautiful is knocked into in the eyes which enters me, let me have a kind of impulse sung in this picturesque beautiful scenery heartily. A large stretch of one getting pink flower seem courtyard to be very untrue, two - storeyed attic there is a reaching to the sky on the big tree with luxuriant foliage and spreading branches, strange silvery white leaves wave. The cloud aunt stands on attic towards us to smile, originally there is a kind of soul-stirring beauty in such world of appearance in the whole city, let me can't help wanting to be on intimate terms. My coming into that film in a trance is pink, the unknown flower is in full bloom under my foot, let me have one kind no feeling in this world. This flower was like a Chinese rose unexpectedly, just branches and leaves were different, there is no sharp thorn, there is not a leaf of the tooth either. I originally like the Chinese rose very much, why see this flower, can't help liking on new students. Have words at one's fingertips, see bright-coloured flower this can't help silly silly laughing at and speaking.

I watch whom flower watch lost in thought, listen to dish, aunt of cloud: "The ease of walking, has not expected you and come far away. " I hear the sound, go out of that and walk to the cloud aunt pinkly. Aunt turns the cloud to my one: "Are the ones that live in still used to far away? Something is not used to it, the ones that do not understand are told me. " I nod, have said and is thanked and said again: "Can live, needn't it braves the wind and dew to be because of uncle and cloud aunt Wen all in here far away, really wonder what to say far away. " The cloud aunt smiles and says: "What words expressing one's gratitude you can not say again, seem to grow and divide more. You can call a sound of clouds of my aunt, I am glad to have no enough time. " Turn to Wen XingYi and say again: "The ease of walking, you must look after far away more. " Wen XingYi nods and says: "The mother rests assured by all means, I knew. "

Wen XingYi is looking at me, the beautiful general's face is full of nice and warm smiling, one: "Let me call out you far away too. The mothers all say that want me to look after you, I let your desolate girl on regarding as an outsider very much again. " I am sorry smile it smile, see by the pieces let person not can't bear by smiling face not refused, have to nod. Wen XingYi's satisfied nodding, say to the cloud aunt: "Mother, this is spent kind in complexion Great Britain you want. " Aunt takes over smiling the cloud, say to me: "Cost kind far away, free and at leisure kind direct oneself from boredom too. " I shake the head, say with a smile: "You, aunt of cloud, come on kind, I can not serve these flowers and plants. Wait for your kind, let me see. You will not be unwilling to be all right then. " The cloud aunt nods smiling, one: "This girl of yours is really, all right, you want to finish coming. " I smile narrowing eyes: "Wait for this sentence of yours, this courtyard of yours is beautiful like fairyland, or else I come without losing oldly. "

Three people speak and have a chat by stone desk among the courtyard, the ones that had a chat are very happy. The warm ease of walking is sweet-tempered, I do not avoid him like snakes and scorpions either, do not just want to be on intimate terms with him excessively yet.

Silver light and that that I am looking at that tree are very pink, can't help saying: "Such a beautiful flower, does not know what name is. " Wen XingYi seems to hear my talking to oneself and saying: "Flower this whether we flow cloud country famous flower, masterpiece adopt Great Britain, spend kinds of up to dozens of, that planted is the most famous and precious one in this courtyard. " I nod, sight can't help floating towards that big silvery white tree. Warm to walk ease corner of the mouth trigger first wipe the clear smile, say again: "The silk in great numbers of that big silvery white tree masterpiece, have a legend about it. " I listen to have legend, turn round, watch, to XingYi Wen, expect he go on at once. Wen XingYi does not really shoulder what I hope and say: "In the legend, this silk in great numbers is melted by a fairy maiden originally. Fairy maiden and an ordinary person love each other, big anger of god, sinking fairy maiden will suffer all kinds of and censure the deep pool of the yoke. That ordinary person gets killed for rescuing fairy maiden, the fairy maiden has missed and cut the old age in the twinkling of an eye, has turned into the silk in great numbers, in order to show the love to that ordinary person. The leaves of this silk in great numbers will not stop growing throughout the year, even will not stop to snow either. Leaves have been grown and fallen, have new growing out after falling, layer appears without end. " See me saying again, the a bit strange one is said: "Why do not you is not there an expression? " I take over the green tea that the girl Huan passed over, the thin one is said: "Eh, so fragrant tea. These tree is really very beautiful, the flower might as well be beautiful. "

Wen XingYi seemed not to expect I will say so, did not know unexpectedly for the moment what is said. The cloud aunt seems to find out Wen XingYi is poverty-stricken, say: "What does think of this story far away? " I have to say: "Good story. " No longer speak. Having watched a lot of TV plays about love modernly, the film, the novel, let me feel a still really very difficult one about this story now.

See cloud aunt and XingYi Wen have some surprised expression, I can't help, smile: "How are you this expression? Is there anything wrong? It is only a story too that it is more beautiful, which has such a person in reality, even if have, that is not what I can meet. Since not have it perhaps, why does those think it even? " Wen XingYi is slow and too supernatural at first, ones that are like agreeing to nod. The cloud aunt is the appearance agreed to very much too, say: "Have not expected that can think so, want so as to very open far away. But run into such a person far away some day, can want, tell cloud aunt definitely. The cloud aunt has only a daughter, you see too, the elder sister of your competent cloud has nothing to let me worry about. Hey, they of the three people these, do, can let me chatter two once in a while only just. "

Hear cloud aunt say so, I can't help having impulse of a kind of laugh. The cloud aunt is really interesting, others are only afraid children are not outstanding enough, she feels children are too outstanding. I have not spoken, see oxygen one of Wen Xing's ease wiping the cannot help but smile silently. Half loud, Wen XingYi says: "Mother, it already late, I and walk first right away far away, come, see you together another day. " The cloud aunt nods and agrees, I curse the warm ease of walking in the heart with a smile. I want from can come while being right, you want, come I anybody stop too. Why say, want, come with me, very apt to let that people misunderstand, in case you that piece what cousin take place the hurricane, am not I very arduous? A depressed one accordingly warm to walk ease go out of courtyard, heart still a little unwilling the courtyard. Really too beautiful, especially that big silvery white tree, is a thing that just has in the caricature. Its magnificent and beautiful true mine present is really very excited at the moment nowadays.

It has been already turning dark slowly, I do not know either when it is now. Go to one fork in the road, warm to walk ease stop, let absent-minded I bumping against, getting on ruthlessly. Whom I stagger fall back two steps, unhappy a new line. Look at smiling XingYi Wen, I insist on, give pressing, going back fast again anger blown to flee rapidly, suppress so that my pit of the stomach is bored. "I will go back now, continue strolling far away? " I gnash one's teeth, the calmness of trying hard to let tone sound very much. "I will go back too, the spendthrift leaves slowly. " Wen XingYi way: "Far away don't call me spendthrift, or else you call I one competent ease eldest brother ready. Seem, age far away should the little than that of I,eldest brother still can with. " I have really gnashed one's teeth this time, say: "The eldest brother of the ease of walking is convenient for walking, I do not send off far away. " XingYi Wen seem, expect I whether this kind react, unfold one expression of doubt to me again. Finally, it is very gentle to tell me, there are things that can look for him. Also say, I am very lovely.

It is until warm to walk ease walk, wake up in the silly state from flower far to be small and red, all the time the ones that have not stopped to me have chattered. "Sister far away, the spendthrift says you are very lovely, have you heard? " Small red excitement of a face. Can not really stand, is not Wen XingYi a lover in the little and red dream? Wen XingYi praises me, is she still so glad to do? "It is small and red, don't carry your spendthrift in front of me later. " I catch the young red little head in the excitement state that has been rocking ceaselessly all the time, say: "Have remembered. Don't blame me not to remind you, if that form young lady causes trouble to you some day, you do not let, I, on you! " The small small red head has been drooped at once, prove this form young lady is still very serious. Since it is so, I am far better to her fiance.

Want, go back refined to give up through one water little bridge, go, see cloud have warm ease of doing at one's side in the aunt, I have not appreciated carefully at all. Have XingYi Wen now, on me and little red two people, I will have a look well soon naturally. Small bridge this creep in aquatic twists, lotus leaf for days on end, fragrant a burst of. Can also see that there is small fish that swim once in a while under lotus leaf on the guardrail while sitting, it is piece that make people relaxed kind place of mood.

I sit in the guardrail surfing the Net and looking in water, but unexpected seeing one strange sometimes is a face known well. The face with to have, look like somewhat me, have eyes seem goodlooking a little. I from office under body,it is watch clearly some not to want. Delicate careful skin, water only overflowing eyes, seem red lip as what was pouted slightly. This is that one is not very beautiful, but fairly there is a somewhat lovely face. Anything when not smiling, the ones that but extremely smiled are noticeable, magnificent pleasant eyes like the sunshine comes down in torrents suddenly.

Looking at this face, I really can't believe this is my face. Death says that there are changes, does this change? These one I could be right away can be said two peoples at all in the pasted. I know when I came up from water this health must be mine, that kind of that kind of familiar sense accumulated for a long time that originally belonged to you can not be wrong. Because of this, I have not remembered at all that coming will see sedulously what kind I turn into when coming up from water. This face is really good, just need time to suit.

See me watch under bridge straight, small to can't help saying while being red: "You want some, the sister far away, you will fall down like this. " She does not say not badly, almost imposes into water directly once talking about me. The state of mind is broken by the burst of sound, I am amazed by, the body can't help falling to water. Fortunately I have stopped one's own figure, otherwise one drenched chicken in time. Small red whole face apology and alarmed one go back supporting me, I pat on her hands, tell her not nervous. Really strange too in fact, after seeming to go to the cloud aunt's courtyard once, it is exceptional conveniently that my ability uses. Think it over, think clear why either, have to wait for, have an opportunity, go again, research well then.

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Revlon (two)


See off uncle Yan long to appeal for one breath in I, this Wen house fort can be often treated. See their pieces of sample, is afraid I am disadvantageous to them, if will live here afterwards, maybe will be troublesome and constant. Where I am more lazy, It's nothing took after I planned carefully. As for you in the fort of this the Wen 's, I am better to make less.

I am looking this up and down to give up refinedly carefully, although can not say how great it is, it is good. Small courtyard plant full flowers and plants, name I call out, but pretty good to think. What made me satisfied most is, unexpectedly one wears the big luxuriant tree in this courtyard, it seems to be a fragrant camphor tree. A burst of of delicate fragrance does not say, there is a rattan chair under the tree, hang on the tree like swing. I should really express gratitude to uncle Yan carefully at this meeting, is really the taste to me very much. It is summer now, it is not afraid of mosquitoes to there is this fragrant camphor tree, I can go to sleep peacefully under the burning sun if there is this deck chair, true and simply fantastic. Think where there is electric fan, withdraw the air conditioner, can not right away very much feel better in summer ancient times. Strange too in fact, the sun in daytime is so big, I have not sweated at all, seem that not afraid heat. Did the strength that Death gives to me still drive the function of heat unexpectedly? Does that mean that there is cold-proof function? Oh, my true good life, has earned.

The mood is good, see everything pleasing to the eye. There are only an outer room and an inner room in this cabin, people outside and inner room separate a small arcual door, the pearl-decorated curtain hang. Right, a curtain of deep and remote dreams of mine, think about all excited. There is a screen inside, embroidering the bamboo above, it is three piles of types. I see the bed finally, antique, have, let people lie desire to get on very much. The pink account curtain gives somebody a kind of dreamlike feeling, the silk which is embroidering the exquisite pattern is touched smoothly and nicely and coolly. I take off the shoes rapidly, creep into the quilt, Bei Bei is just by my pillow.

People once relaxing down specially can sleep, I one this feel, sleep until in noon the next day waking up. I dim to wake up, hear someone call desolate girl, I hesitate confirm desolate girl that or I for less than two second. I sit, stand up at once, one seem fifteen six desolate Miss of year old stand in front of the bed, beautiful melon seed face, jade green dress. Eh, very beautiful, I think in the heart this is the little girl who uncle Yan talked.

Seeing me remaining silent and still staring at oneself without a break, the little girl seems to have some - afraid, one: "Desolate girl, I am that the tight person in over-all charge let me come. I shout youngly red, 16 years old. " I have smiled, say: "You needn't afraid of I, you needn't ask I desolate girl either, too getting verdant, it asks to be better far away. " Say but at once small and red: "How can this do it? The tight person in over-all charge says the little girl is guests, let these of ours make people without losing the courtesy. " Happy as soon as I hear, it seems this tight person in over-all charge took a shine to me very much, it is very sensible too that this is small and red. "It doesn't matter, you make my sister far away advisable, anyway I was originally several years older than you. In addition, " I am sorry rub rub by stomach,"yes food? I am hungry. " This is big truth, I then eat several pieces of wild fruit from at yesterday to the present, thinking of must be hungry. Have smiled small and red, say: "You just woke up, the sister far away, I prepared the pastry of several kinds of empty talk for you. On eating the meal at noon after a while, the sister is not worried diligently far away. I help the sister far away to wash and dress first. " I nod, people prepare the bath water for me small and red.

I just crawl out from the spacious wooden barrel after washing for a long time, fresh and cool all over. Help me to put on a suit of pink skirts of thin silk little and red, have no way, I do not wear well again, can only ask her to help. Whom I wonder see light to say while being red put on: "Small and red, how different from yours are this clothes? " Small red clothes stand up by bunch with silk ribbon waist, but I add one powder white and knee short robe outside. The small and red face is red, say: "The sister's stature far away It is very lovely too to wear like this. " I can be regarded as, understand this to wave stature to understand me others' OK? I utter a word, think the Death on earth until what kind I become in heart. "Small and red, you let me have a look at that of the mirror. " Small to pass mirror me at once while being red, I take back, see suddenly, foil the face come on under collapsing. This bronze mirror, can see people, how can watch getting clear. In modern to get used to the glass mirror, see this blue and green bronze mirror suddenly, is not a little used to it more or less.

Red to let, think I unsatisfied with to one's own stature, keep silent, type and cut the hair for me just. Hair of me getting brown roll from the beginning actually, come on, change after arriving here, just it seems that there are good and many hair qualities. ,etc. get,getting hungrier already in I one whether the briskets last back, does not go for fuzzy bronze mirror either, go to the outer room to go to eat directly. Really put very exquisite pastry of several dishes, the appearance eaten carefully on the desk. Wait for me to have enough, has already tidied up all my things in the inner room small and red, still very fast. "Whether small and red, you are hungry, please come to eat some too. " I am facing toward feeding pointing the pastry on the desk small and red of food to little Bei Bei, sincerity of a face. Shake the head small and red, still combing the feather for Bei Bei on hand, say: "The sister needn't speak to me far away, we are so early as to already eat. " I nod, this has no appearance of licking the dust small and red, make me many to one's heart's content.

Full to drink the foot too, I hold Bei Bei and go to the rattan chair, have drawn being small and red too. Wound of Bei Bei let light to give, deal with while being red already too, true to show consideration for also while being hardworking. I have thought I ask some red essential questions small in decision, otherwise really know nothing. With small to treat more than half afternoons at rattan chair while being red, I to find out about any the any basic thing of world finally.

This continent is by name month by month, there are several countries, several rivers, several lakes Which it is little to have while being red for me to ask in the country, little girl that also bold and assured to say she know, I have only continued asking other things too. The mainstay of the cloud country flows in the Wen 's fort where I live in now, that is to say, besides the current emperor, the person who can threaten the Wen 's fort does not also really have several. Engage in trade from generation to generation in the Wen 's fort, the resources are rich, is many of past masters in the fort even more. Mainly there is only cloud one aunt's wife in the warm fort, two people's emotion is very good.

The big handsome boy is the eldest in the family, called Wen XingYi. Say, the spendthrift is a target of getting married that decides according to the small and red. It is that a flower is silly to be small and red, I can be regarded as and understand, so this woman 90% all spend silly.fashionlife Certainly, I am one in these 90% too. Two young ladies are called Wen XingYun, is a standard girl from a good family, verses,ditties,odes and songs are precise all. One see little red expression, I know, these two young ladies must be the young girl's idol, lack man killers. Little young master pieces of naughty child, like reading practise handwriting, like dance to get rifle. But regrettable, interested not to have willpower, the name in ranking at the towns and villages all over the country so far. Little daughter of the younger brother's wife of younger sister that it was the cloud aunt that sat by me at yesterday, the one that stayed temporarily here, with the form young lady with the engagement of spendthrift warm competent cloud. See little red expression picture the named Ma Shan form Miss she rival in love just, it is really a little interesting girl. A small to know while being red one I be tried one's best, give, charge, blow piece other she know either clean. Small to come Wen house fort act as girl since childhood while being red, already more than ten years, thing of fort know more more either.

Small to seem, ask her these issue to feel strange to me, stare at me while being red. What I am seen is impatient of, have to say I have been living in the remote mountains all the time, have not been outside. As a result, small to see what take, give me explain while being red. Have comment of her fortunately too, get, let me no curious then to ancient thing this.

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Revlon (one)


It is believed that most people have a good habit of illusion, it is having a daydream that the ones that said are a bit more unpleasant. I like daydream very much, is not it anyone that say are all things all possible? Who can guarantee to have the miracle to take place? Life can very much reality, material Milan daily necessaries will have, fond dream is essential too! I believe life of me getting fine, want why someone always say I live very much carefreely very much?

I pass, must follow one's inclinations very much, live very happy, pass have confidence in future! However, I have a worried one! See through gentle recently, where does it like very much! So I think, otherwise we dress once? The imagination is beautiful, it is always cruel in the majority to be very realistic This isn't to say I am not confident in my passing through, on the contrary, I am that the confidence is full! After I have prayed in the sky +1 times of N, I have a kind of premonition that I will pass through soon

The sixth sense of mine is always good, I am certain to pass through, sure! Loses consciousness as soon as as expected, just when I planned to pack the luggage in ancient times to travel, I two are wicked I who am pitiful, nothing is taken!

I think I already for ancient times, who know, open eyes see but also modern, meadow which I treated just now. Been just facing toward the sky and pray on the meadow, I want to be a little more pious. I glance right and left, this just finds there is a person nearby. No, why does he have so long hair? In addition, what does he take in the hand? So heavy odd sickle, anyone those sickle in park? See his clothes, pitch-dark, the restoring ancient ways type gown! Undeniable, this is a handsome man, or one is so cool as to lose the big handsome boy of the dreg. Poised in front of the handsome boy, can't be too surprised, so I am very calm stood up from meadow. Others are handsome boys, but we are not little beauties, I do not know thinking how he will to me of narcissism. So, I have only cast a look at him and planned to lift the leg and gone away.

Not thinking absolutely, unexpectedly the handsome boy had stood to in front of me once dodging. Why to want? Handsome boy what seem have well painful topic, each well utter a word either. It is the foundation of conducting oneself to take pleasure in helping people, I have to ask: "It is to want me to help to have? " The handsome boy is too shy to say: "It is really shyly, I will not fetch your life on purpose. But you rest assured, I will try hard to help what you finished in your prayer just now. Just, hope you can keep secret, must not tell others this " Wait a moment, he say he fetch life, already I Death! ! ! See he model that, Death in cartoon have, look like somewhat! , so fine life of mine, so easy that meet Death in the legend in the park in the daytime. Moreover the Death or very kindhearted to have that kind of sense of duty very much while being very enthusiastic! My really very fine life, seize the chance to propose more requirements?

He talks about my prayer, also want me to keep secret, so "All right that not either that want me to help you to keep secret, but "But anything, you do not hesitate to say! I have little time, wait a moment I will walk soon. I be come stealthily, I hope, come experience what like is Death of China, have never expected that will bump against you, many your souls "See big handsome boy feels guilty, it is that people will all not bear. " All right, do not you say little time? Then please don't be feeling guilty, it will be better so long as agreed to several of me more requirements. "it it is object to he not to see, have I say at once:" I pray and say it is the thoroughfare that travels in ancient times, but for not causing the change of history, I hope to get in a other space-time, that is to say "it hear Death by way speech immediately:" I promise I can only send on we parallel space-time you in fact. "I nod,again say:" What big beauty generation definitely look, I am not any big beauty, though I do not extravagantly hope to become, but you can " " No problem, I can't totally change you either, change you at most. Don't worry, become beautiful to a bit, can become not uglier and uglier! "Oh! It is really understanding good Death! " Thank you! However, look, I have no relative and have no person without a understanding of a friend there. You say, in case what if if I have died again? Is it so pitiful? I do not know the acrobatic skill, there is no magical strength, how can I protect oneself? "brow when it see wrinkle Death, it say having I:" It is advisable to in fact have no strength and have magic weapons! Want me to be orphaned and helpless alone, helpless. If I have not died, I have a friend and family. Oh, I am so pitiful "

In fact I still have natural gift of performance very much, look, is not Death to spread the supernatural power for me? See that expression of his, so the appearance unwilling! I am thinking what function this strength has, he opens one's mouth first: "I can only spread and give you some, I am only one small Death too, those have any strong strength! If I have strong enough strength, does not need to hit discussing with you, give to you still to other space-time directly, in charge of your life or death! " Mother! Did I still praise you for being kindhearted just now to know? "Then how is my present strength used? What can be done? " The saying of helplessness of Death: "Do not I know either? Who knows the strength of Death will have any result for you, you ask much good fortune by oneself by oneself! I but make sure magnanimous now, the way for the future depends on yourself. Sorry really, about you memory I, friend of relative, of you will let time lover disappear, shed, you needn't worry. " It is Death that I meet as expected! Really understanding! "OK, give to you me and rest assured. That Can I contact you on another space-time? In case I play oilily, can go back " Have not felt yet white light flashes at the moment, it is being out of shape that the scenery at the moment is being twisted after finishing saying, so uncanny! I have forgotten that well to say whether I can not pierce through others!

Let it be, how to matter! Generally speaking I or earning, if meet a cold-blooded one, how can make demands with others? Estimate one I give, make, fly right away! The estimation can not go back modernly, my relatives and friends, very unwilling. Though I am a little cruel, let me too saddle this kind pennilessly and unmovedly with a difficult task suddenly! Really want to cry! Think one song come, want, really want, cry, really want, cry, everyone know tears to be bitter to think tears of me get off, think toot, toot, think already

It of fitting that has already come! Think carefully how to do? I do not have a forte without speciality, how can this live? Say, why have not I been to different space-time yet? Can explain through the way that far away too? Deceive me in Death? Should can not,it seem he the getting better quite! Then I am finally Yes? What is the following? Water! This one It seems that I am just doing the freely falling body! Stone under I happpy? According to this height, do not injure promptly! No? Oh yes, supernatural power! My magical strength! How to use? By not using and reading incantations? Have finished Think can fall down ink, I found I unexpectedly floated in the sky in me, think the hydrogen balloon is the same! So magical, whether will fall down then? The result is me, I " Tong " when thinking of falling into water One sound last water li. That that I can not swim, not bad, water is not too deep, no I will die to drown yet. Even Death is the just careless result, I, if I let this water be drowned, make me sad| Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Contract Manufacturing
easy life show . Not bad, God is still pretty good to me. God treats me quite well, it is better like drenched chicken not to if does not allow me.

So far, I can be regarded as to really come to this outer space. Though does not appear on the scene magnificently, it is in good health, content with one's lot to be can be regarded as the security anyhow. The ones that as the saying goes are good, contentment brings happiness.

Bow and see one's own clothes, it is the white gown, it is Death that helps what I changed is it possible that, easy to show consideration for! Looking at the weather, it should be summer, or else certain to be cold. Luck is really still good, my ancient tour has begun formally at this point!

Food is god for the people, let's leave here first. Except this small lake, are all trees all around. Let me walk in the direction of the sun, it is lost to so as to not make too too far away to be readily accessible to have the places of the human footmarksly in this, if what lion's tiger is run into, is not there play to sing in that? The sun leave it is I that walk too, let me see hope to step woods finally. I stand on a wide main road now, it should be ancient officer one, should be someone will pass by in that, that is to say I have an opportunity to put up windward driving. Eh, can't trust to chance and strokes of luck, I want, carry out voluntarily, follow along main road the sun continue to roll Luis project I.

To tell the truth, I already a bit hungry, but this let I which find food. Besides bird that has been calling on the preceding branch all the time, what can is there what has been eaten? No matter what it is, cherishes the little animal, I am thinking how to hit down him. It is not all right to throw the stone away, I do not have so deep effect, what if in case frighten him away? If there is remarkable ability of snap of the fingers Otherwise take this supernatural power of mine and practise first, maybe there is any new discovery. I stare at bird, ball finger that does not park, soon broken to have what find, will fall down if not mentioning my bird even more. Let it be, having a rest. Look up, find tree that have light wild fruit, no wonder I walk heavy one Luis he move well unexpectedly. Is not Death to say that will let me change to some extent? Why is not there my myopia? Criticize him again. Small fruit many, red yellow should be able to eating yellow, can't help facing toward bird that play piece loud to meaning proud. As a result, unexpectedly that bird has imposed directly, fortunately I have caught in time, otherwise can play on the small life.

See that does not see my finger in the hand as the hand little big bird, , if you want to use the supernatural power and must be fired and pointed! Then, you follow me after I think of birds in the heart, hit one to point loudly at the same time. This bird pecked in my palm under two gently finally, it seems that the supernatural power was still very handy, all one's dreams come true. I touch its small head, say: "You call Bei Bei later, this is my pet name, see you off, you will follow me well afterwards. " Bei Bei fly to me chirps, call two at the shoulder, fly, climb the tree, hold in the mouth a glowing wild fruit give to me unexpectedly, so lovely! I go ahead, really must camp if not leaving while eating the wild fruit that Bei Bei dedicated to me. I show consideration for very much, eat behind the one sour sweet wild fruit, I hold whom Bei Bei does not suspend one quarter hurry on with a journey. I have been already very tired, but will walk, the sun has already been hung in the tree-top, dark I want, walk, dare, go either.

We have already left for a long time, how could see people? Even if might as well see robbers, it is individual anyhow. Really enough to decline, has the difficult good luck not becoming me already been used up? I have not touched Bei Bei's lovely small head, think how to do in the evening? My supernatural power is still useless conveniently, do not know either whether can want one to become inch contracting, what might as well move in the twinkling of an eye or there is one. When Bei Bei and I moaned and groaned, it seems that there is hoofbeat behind. A happiness in the heart, I go to the road at once, the excited one calls parking from the carriage loudly. Who knows the carriage is parked at all not to stop either, if not I hide fast, maybe the really small life has been played. Too getting annoying, look at human life such as trifle just, why have such a cold-blooded animal. Big and beautiful when seeing that carriage, who'd have thought the host is a cold-blooded animal. I pat Bei Bei's small head, say: "You go to follow them, try every possible means to let them park, be careful. " Is it OK not to know this little cumbersome bird, leave alone, see with the present situation, can only be like this.

I am a little lonely alone sometimes now. If without meeting Bei Bei at the beginning, maybe would not feel lonely. Know Bei Bei can meet dangerous, it only one little bird, I should call out it and come back. Hope it can come back safely, Bei Bei is that I reach this first friend who the world met. At this time, the front seems to come to have carriages, there is a chance, must have been caught. Can not wait for me to let the carriage be parked yet, it has already been stopped. As soon as Bei Bei has chirpsed and called towards me for two times, Bei Bei lay and does not move at all on my palm. I saw suddenly, just found its wings have been injured, bloodstained, I felt guilty and loved. Hold Bei Bei on the palm carefully, I look up and see that carriage, should be that Bei Bei let them come back, do not just know how Bei Bei accomplished.

It was a tough guy who seems over 40 that drove, it sees me, one: "The master of my home permits you and sets out on a journey with us, come up a bit more quickly. " I do not dare to hesitate, get on the car at once, sit to by him. There is a warm and gentle sound that says in the carriage: "Wen Yan, let her sit in. " Wen Yan nods towards me, as soon as I am hurry in, I am afraid they regretted suddenly.

There are two people in the carriage, the man is beautiful and bright, the woman Wen Wan, look that should be in one's thirties, seem to be a couple. The clothing of seeing them is magnificent, should be that the family circumstances are good. I say to them: "Thank you for being willing to let me hitchhike, otherwise Bei Bei and I are over. Thank you! " Woman that slightly, end dignified and beautiful, open one's mouth and say: "You are welcome, you stopped the car we did not park just now, really uneasy. " I say at once: "It doesn't matter, or will thank you in any case. Could you tell me injured medicine? Bei Bei's wings are injured, I want to wrap up it first. " That woman is stupefied, one: "It is we that have neglected. " Say this passed me a small vase and a silk handkerchief, I take over at once, ones that bowed attentively wrapped up the wound for Bei Bei.

Finish when me, this just resumes and passes the vase to return, but she waves, one: "You keep, it is useful maybe. " I can't help expressing one's gratitude at once, say again: "You are really good persons. " The woman has not spoken, that man one: "The little girl is everybody, how could you be here on this barren hill? " I get one: "I orphan, house everywhere. Go to this accidentally, but it is unexpectedly lost not to expect, fortunately two rescue. " , I say again: "The younger generation surnamed desolate single-character given name one distant word, know two the older generation name, if there is an opportunity future, the younger generation must repay you. " That woman smiles bright, one: "Have not used when repaying. Girl fine name, should watch Miss age less than 20. " I touch Bei Bei's small head, this will become my habitual movements soon. "I just reach the age of 19 this year. " That woman one: " we are persons in the Wen 's fort, " Mean saying the man around her says, " you are finished calling uncle Wen, finish calling my cloud aunt, I ask you to be far away very kind then. " My busy nodding without end: "Cloud aunt, you do not finish hesitating to call, this is that the first someone calls me far away. " Finish saying and does not forget sweet smiling and having and smiling, the ones that as the saying goes are good, stretch out one's hand and does not hit smiling face people.

I have not lain this time, I was just named oneself desolately and distantly, she was the first person who calls me far away naturally. Come different generation alone to me, have relatives and friends, say orphan right even. If I say I came from other worlds, maybe he still thought there's something wrong with my spirit. I am an orphan by generation, no wonder so many passes through the older generation and wants to say oneself is an orphan, it is very good to convenient and save trouble.

Uncle Wen is keeping watch on me to say: "Has not the desolate girl heard of the Wen 's fort? " I smile, one: "Have really never heard, very famous? I have been living in the mountain all the time, have seldom gone to the outside, whose name is Bei Bei with whom I kissed most. " Cloud aunt curious to feel little head to touch Bei Bei, dish: "This bird of yours had sagacity very much, she followed us just now, what did not stop let before the carriage. If not I am curious, it may be on losing one's life. " I hear what she said, can't help taking Bei Bei in one's arms, is thinking oneself is still really enough to decline, unexpectedly let a little wild bird block the car. I help Bei Bei to smooth out and obey the feather, one: "Thank cloud aunt for cloud aunt's kindness of helps. " The cloud aunt smiles and says: "Far away so kindhearted, you are welcome, I, have sagacity little unwilling to abate none, people of animal, in this way.

I nod, does not speak again, I must think about how should next do. Two people these know where does it take, know, want until where I take to either either, so long as they do not say it is open-air that I throw away to the wilderness, I, on Amitabha. It is to find out my worry that like, the cloud aunt touches uncle Wen's arms with the elbow, the ones that do not stop ask uncle Wen winks. Does uncle Wen seems or loves the cloud the aunt very much, one: "If there is no place to go far away, not so good as now to stay in the Wen 's fort. There are other destinations after waiting, it is not late to leave. " I have not realized for half a day, unexpectedly such serious uncle Wen calls me far away, seeing uncle Wen has some awkward appearances, I have to regard as and has not heard either. "This troublesome uncle Wen and cloud aunt. " Having left alone, it is seriously to look for a place to live first, which place is it in charge of the fort of his the Wen 's, should have nothing dangerous. So long as little life of me here all OK right away also.

Become very quiet in the carriage at one time, since there are places to live, does not have anything that can worry about. I feel little head of Bei Bei, think through car window outside. That medicine the getting more fine very,bleed wing of Bei Bei,still can small trial flight, on carriage. The sun has already totally set down, but the heaven in summer is dark and late, seem to be very bright outside, what everything is seen is clear. It is still a little hot, it is all nearly extremely boring to sit in the car for a long time. Uncle Wen and cloud aunt have been closing the eyes for rest, I am idle have to get out of the carriage silently, sitting down warmly severely. Yan Wen as seeing me, react, have one o'clock, why he ask uncle to be serious.

I am boring to lean against the door and look up at the sky, the rosy clouds are very bright red, very beautiful. I make a U-turn to Wen Yan dish: "Tight uncle, I call you tight uncle, OK? " Several tight uncles do not nod visibly, but still driving a cart attentively, the meaning not chatting. I have to talk about: "The Wen 's fort is what is done, very famous? " The tight uncle has turned round and cast a look at me, did not say until half a day: "Since you know, warm even what it is make. " I am bored, I want very much to say I just came to your world, certainly not know, I do not have other meaning, the just simple one wonders whether the hotel which I will move in soon is the dangerous spot. But since unwilling to say, I ask yet it is done, anyway will go. I am sure not to live in the Wen 's fort all one's life, besides, even if I want to hang on all one's life, others' either may not Kenya.

The journey of having a chat, fortunately it has already been over, because we have already reached the Wen 's fort. Looking at the grand the Wen 's fort, I can't help highly praising, the so large house, this uncle Wen can't be ordinary people. It seems luck of me kind still, say good-bye to, brave the wind and dew, was welcome silk clothing jade food.

The gate is opened, the person much having it comes out, a preceding one is a clothing man of silk to walk, it is about 20 years old that it's time in the age. Shake my eyes flower with a group of persons in the back of it. Many handsome boys, forefathers are too sincere to take advantage of me, it is really that handsome boy runs to pass through fully. Uncle Wen very handsome to go wrong, but others have majestic appearance very, also so serious, how I have no gallbladder to comment on it. But this group of people before one's eyes is different. See that walk in ahead handsome boy, he come up gift of meeting once seeing uncle Wen and cloud aunt, still call parents, needn't think more, it is the son undoubtedly. Unless big beauty in each to follow he later, phoenix look forward to eye there aren't god,on come say: "Father, mother, you can come back. " Say to the big handsome boy: "Eldest brother, let parents enter first, we are seeming to return a little guest. " This one says, everybody falls all sight on me quickly, look different in the eyes. Uncle Wen opens one's mouth in the way: "Everybody enters. " A group of persons abdicate a road, I, with entering by the cloud aunt too automatically.

The fort of house Wen these is very beautiful, in profusion, full of green, the flowing water of the rockery is straggly and putting, will really enjoy. Wear one big garden, come right away as if place of reception room. Carved beams and painted rafter, have imposing manner very much. Put uncle and cloud aunt Wen in at person,sit at cloud the right-hand sides of the aunts start by the first place I, the big handsome boy sits opposite to me. Left to grow strong and insubordinate the beauty by him, a handsome boy has sat by big beauty, to seem is younger than I. A woman who is beautiful and charming has sat by me, the one exuding tenderness and love salutes with eyes to the big handsome boy. Following that one's seat is empty, nobody, girls of many male servants stand in this hall. Eh this uncle of kindness is still pretty difficult, this male servant girl's clothes seem all very good.

Whom whom I glance right and left does not park look up and down, uncle Wen depend on I say: "This is a desolate distant girl, the desolate girl will stay for some time in the fort of our the Wen 's. " Change direction and wait upon and set up uncle Yan aside and say again: "Wen Yan, you arrange for the desolate girl. This desolate girl on the way is tired, please take her to have a rest first. " Uncle Yan nods towards me, I keep up with at once. Does not this defend me obviously? You are you -proof, I live, I, none may encroach upon the precincts of another, anyway I go away at once if find the new residence.

I follow uncle Yan, wear front yard, little bridge at the over first ink in the one again, wear and then first long corridor, park in front of a light courtyard finally. Uncle Yan is the red air of face not to breathe heavily, I am that two legs feel like jelly, does not stop me to protest, the fort of this the Wen 's is too large. Uncle Yan points to the small courtyard and says: "Desolate girl now this refined to give up, have a rest first, new residence punish in a couple of days, it is not late the past that the desolate girl moves again. " That said is courteous words, but tone is tough enough, maybe I have thrown me out once objecting to. I smile at uncle Yan, say: "Uncle Yan needn't be so troublesome, I will after a while leave soon, why bring moving, it is that I live in the best place that this is given up refinedly. Desolate to thank fort advocate peace madam to be willing to have me in one's care temporarily at a distance.Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services" As expected, uncle Yan smiles satisfiedly, one: "Desolate girl that have a good rest first, I will let piece lay person come, serve you after a while. " Mean, say, put people, think better of, think I just been here ancient nothing understand, it should have looked for pieces of person the consultation wells look for pieces of girls little have best but, just nod and promise, do not forget to express gratitude to uncle Yan again.
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